Idaira del Castillo’s works emerge from everyday life. The artist captures photos of her daily experiences, later translating them into the canvas.

The series titled "San Ero" revolves around a celebration honoring Saint Ero, the patron saint of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. The festivities include a procession to the courtyard of the Fine Arts building at the end of June, when the weather is good. During the celebration, Idaira del Castillo documented everything happening around her through a photographic report. She was particularly intrigued by the development of the celebration’s characters, many of whom were her colleagues and neighbors in Pontevedra.

It was a farewell party, marking the end of a beautiful era for her. Yet, it was also a celebration of life. When the artist took the photos, she didn’t know she would later create this series; the idea came afterwards. However, she felt she had to take those photographs to capture that moment. In the artist’s words: "If I could, I would keep it in a secret door and return to that courtyard from time to time, to be at that celebration."

Idaira del Castillo’s creations involve a mixed technique. She crafts her paintings using natural pigments but also employs markers, pencils, and even nail polish to finish them. She often uses recycled materials to create her works.The scraps, sheets, and fabric pieces, in this case, are sewn into pieces colored felt, forming collages, which are later painted.