The Greek work “Trayma” means a puncture, a piercing, a wound; it is used to signify a tear in the tissue of the human body, a laceration that distorts the body. Artist and designer Caterina Roppo finds inspiration in this by using fabric, interpreting it as a body in which its weave becomes an epidermis.

“Trayma” takes on different meanings and Roppo, with her visual art project, is driven to approach it as a wound that cuts off the flow of her existence, thereby altering it. The substance of the trauma is not the pain itself, but the feeling of helplessness that engenders a dominant concern: the uncertainty of overcoming it.

The emblematic feature of this collection is the filament-like effect of exquisite fabrics. A type of workmanship – “flotté” – leaves these filaments loose, adding an all-organic appearance to this inspired idea of using viscose and rayon with complex Jacquard patterns. The fabric designs are by no means accidental and are a faithful transcription of images that have influenced the artist in various specific places.