Enrique Baeza seeks to transcend appearances through language in a reality shaped by manipulation. He questions a dominant public language that suffocates and impedes communication between people. His project, which gravitates around the motto Reality is Spam, takes on a special technical-linguistic meaning after the proliferation of the Internet and the rise of all types of platforms, media and devices that have transfigured communication between individuals, turning them into their own communication media with their own audience. He claims a new type of language that serves as an alternative to the prevailing communication codes: poor, mutilated, ideologically targeted and obsolete. For this he elaborates messages that flaunt his own condition of unfinished objects, inducing the receiver to test multiple interpretations to construct senses from different ontological categories, which range from the most mundane to the most abstract. In the search for these messages, he also carries out what he calls Word Portraits, a process that turns the interview into artistic expression. To carry them out, he talks to a person with the intention of discovering the words that represent him/her symbolically in that particular moment. The result is an approach to the most intimate, most genuine language of each individual, as well as a new way of understanding contemporary portraiture. The set of these fragments forms a continuous text that brings together all his work.