Un gin tonic, por favor

Kaplan Projects
November 2020

“A Gin and Tonic please” is a charitable project for the dissemination, publication and exhibition of drawings in black and white by some of the finest artists on the cultural scene today. As well as helping to alleviate the sock-down, this initiative also aspires to help mitigate the consequences of the pandemic. The project is divided into 3 parts:

COLOUR: Download the drawings and print them out so that all the family–children and adults alike–can colour, stain or work on them in other ways to chill out a little. Afterwards, send us your coloured drawings and your work will be included in the project!

NON-COLOUR: All the originals by the artists will be featured in a book designed, published and distributed by Kaplan Projects. The profits from the sale of the books will go to the NGO Doctors Without Borders

THE REUNION: When the lock-down comes to an end, we will present the book and exhibit the original drawings at Kaplan Projects, where they will be sold at the market price of each of the artists. The profits from the exhibition will go to the NGO Doctors Without Borders.

This project was inspired by a cheerful brainwave.


As Robert Lowell wrote, “The light at the end of the tunnel is just the light of an oncoming train”

A century ago in Paris, people ran, took part in races and invented strange street competitions to forget the horrors of the Great War. Today we can’t run, the streets have been put away, although it is rumoured that one day they’ll be put back again. Space no longer exists, only time–an atopic, frozen time; a time announced with a gong that caught us in the midst of a strange grimace. A gin and tonic please.

We are condemned to the here and now. The past isn’t important and the future doesn’t exist. This book is yet another attempt to occupy the wait–one which has to be endured, given the Kafkaesque situation, until it turns into pure boredom. A gin and tonic please.