Poética cotidiana

The Wall - Kaplan Products
December 2022

"By portraying my life, I portray yours"

The project Poéticas Cotidiana talks about common openings and explorations through the physical deconstruction of pleasure and relationships. It arises from everyday moments, acts that we experience daily and that please us. Small daily subversive actions that return art to the changing body, in relation to the society that watches them.
I work from the subtlety of intimate spaces, from myself I speak of otherness, the other is recognized in the images generating a collective imagination, thus wishing that the images produce new realities in the personal experience of the viewer, converted now in protagonist.
Positioning myself as a voyeur but with my experiences as a beacon, I open up the possibility that whoever looks at it identifies with the work, recognizes himself in it and embodies it as a possibility of life.
That is why I work with an intimate and collective world at the same time, deconstructing the limit between the public and the private. Graphic images lived in homes and for homes, using the force of transformation of the prevailing discourse, from the interior space. Transgressing the normativity that governs everyday life.
Through direct language, I make way for the message without putting many elements that distract the observer, working from a particular spatial minimalism with one or several central figures. We are all the protagonists of our lives, and with my work I seek the beauty of the common experiences that go through them.

Natalia Lisinicchia