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Aniya Defries Kaplan Projects
September 2023

My name is Anya Defries and I originate from the nether regions of Muswell Hill, North London. I studied at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and thereafter developed a successful career working in T.V production and commercials, spanning over a period of 17 years.

Being an original thinker, I have always been fortunate to move within creative circles who have continued to inspire me. Therein, aside of being a keen film buff, I have readily embraced a passion for the Arts on every level. I therefore welcomed the opportunity to enrol in a life drawing class with ‘The Princes Trust’ in Hackney. This was purely for leisure – a past-time providing light hearted escapism – and I became immediately hooked.

Artists and personal friends all praised my naïve interpretations and continued to encourage me. Their enthusiasm spurred me on to pursue exercising my hobby to the extent of creating portraits of family and friends on a regular basis. I also take delight in creating my own interpretations of famous characters – past and present. I also create land and cityscapes of a similar style and ilk.

My methodology is considered quirky and refreshing – portraying a naïve innocence to the subject using clean, bold lines accentuated by a simplistic pop of vibrant colour. Indeed, I believe my work reflects who I am – uncomplicated – but offering a raw and honest energy.