Danny Rolph Kaplan Gallery
June 2024

The title for this solo show comes from the Ancient Roman words Mare Nostrum (“Our Sea”) referring to the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the years as an artist, and as a Rome scholar, Rolph has travelled and exhibited extensively across the world. From an early age he has been inspired by many places, especially ports and their histories, around the Mediterranean.

Around two years ago the artist started a series of works on canvas that drew upon these memories, reshaping them into emotive painted compositions, emerging from recollections of his experiences in these locations and in particular the local topography. This exhibition Marenostrum comprises paintings that span the whole region and therefore he wanted to exhibit them together in the Mediterranean port of Palma.

Danny Rolph is well known for the spirit of his inquiry in Painting, creating overtly pictorial, spatially indulgent compositions that arouse curiosity and wonder primarily through his unique use of colour and belief in the power of visual discovery.

Born in London in 1967, Danny Rolph graduated with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in 1993. Rolph has since gained international acclaim, exhibiting across the world including many solo exhibitions in New York, London, Houston, Milan and Antwerp. The artist has been selected for many awards including the Mark Rothko residency award in 2022. Rolph was Rome scholar at The British School at Rome in 1998. His work features in many public and private collections such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Tate Gallery (London), National Gallery of Art (Reykjavik), Swindon art Museum (Uk) and High Lanes Municipal Museum (Eire). Forthcoming solo show Tercet will be exhibited in the Espacio del Convent de Santa Domingo, Pollensa in July 2024.

He lives and works in London.