Samuel Almansa

Samuel Almansa (El Arenal, 1995) is an artist based in Mallorca. Almansa studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca, where he explored multiple modes of artistic projection such as video, installation, painting or muralism.

Almansa starts from figuration to represent themes that are part of our most recent collective imagination. Through the installation and use of the airbrush, the artist reviews the limits of aesthetics through trucks, kitsch tourist objects or techno parties, which allow him to claim the role of cultures born in suburban neighborhoods, where Almansa grew up and developed his own visual interests.

The work of Samuel Almansa is the perfect reflection of contemporary popular culture, of neo-folklore that extends to networks, digital culture and the media. On these platforms, these cultures take on new forms, are reinterpreted and blur into each other. For the artist, degradation influences all the things that surround us and happen to us today. Almansa is interested in the process of constructing a reality through information and subsequent opinion, which often has nothing to do with the truth or our own thoughts.


Blanquita parece de Holanda, 2023

Acrylic on canvas
89 x 116 cm
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