Idaira Del Castillo

Idaira del Castillo (Tenerife, 1985) obtained her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of La Laguna and her Master’s in Scenography from the Complutense University of Madrid.
During her university studies, Del Castillo studied for a year at the University of Vigo, where she began her path of artistic research, making daily images of everyday life through drawing and painting.
Del Castillo uses photography as the window which one can spy through on those moments of a life that are becoming more complex and ambiguous, with the hope that if the artist fixes, prints or draws them on cardboards, canned food containers, old magazines or canvases; then perhaps, she will be able to capture, with a certain nostalgia, a fixed image that allows you to better understand the world around you.
On the other hand, the artist confronts these very complex problems with large-format works, both in murals and in expanded painting installations, whith the assumption that the resolution of a pictorial problem can be a vehicle for training in the difficult task of revealing the secret that contains life itself.
The reuse and recycling of all kinds of waste and materials responds to her vital commitment to the environment that the artist lives in, which cohabits with the rest of the living beings whom Del Castillo considers her roommates and travel companions.
Her images form a type of figurative and narrative grammar that pose an imaginary echo queer, as a metaphor for the tabula rasa from which Del Castillo relates to the inhabitants of this planet that the artist cares for.


La rubia, 2023

Mixta sobre tela y fieltro
190 x 265 cm
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La taza, el mortero y el enchufe, 2023

Mixta sobre tela y fieltro
231 x 167 cm
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Martina, 2023

Mixta sobre tela y fieltro
220 x 257 cm
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