Gracia De Juan

Gracia de Juan (Palma, 1988) is an urban and visual artist.

In her artwork recovers the ancestral symbolism associated with mythologies, in order to create her own imaginary where an archetypal dualism is present. The woman and the wolf, reason and instinct, the sun and the moon, light and shadow. This mythical language finds its expression through different spaces and materialities, marking two main tendencies in her artistic activity.

On one hand, in her indoor work she creates structures halfway between sculpture and installation, where she explores the plexiglas’s possibilities and experiments with visual perception through the lighting.

On the other hand, in the work outdoors her murals have been steeped in this iconography developing an increasingly personal language that is rooted in her graffiti foundations.


Star Temple, 2023

Dibujo sobre papel y metacrilato
170 x 220 cm
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