Born in Mallorca in 1994, Beatriz Tomás is a mixed media artist, who works
predominantly with collage.
She graduated in Communication in Madrid and worked several years in fashion, until she decided to specialise in the world of art by completing a master’s degree in London. As a creative person, she has always been involved in artistic disciplines, from painting to ceramics, as well as acquiring new techniques through collage workshops at Central Saint Martins in London.
Beatriz immersed herself in the visual arts out of curiosity to express her concerns and the need to seek beauty as a way of escape and personal delight. Her first contact with art was through collage. Her admiration for the Impressionist paintings and the colours of Fauvism, especially the work of Henri Matisse, led her to explore through paper. Collage was a true revelation for her artistic sensibility and has provided her with a unique space for the development of her creations.
Beatriz has been capturing these images on paper, with a wide variety of combinations, which result in colourful collages, full of vitality, strength, freshness and joy. The human body in synergy with nature and the female figure are the conceptual bases of her work, with special interest in the exaltation of emotions through color. The rich nature of Mallorca is one of her sources of inspiration.
However, as a passionate traveler she expands her creative reach, benefiting from different cultures, colors and textures. Her work is completely handmade, as he creates different compositions with recycled materials, bringing them back to life. For Beatriz it is essential to create with all kinds of existing materials, since she considers that art should inspire, but also be sustainable.