Alba Suau

Alba Suau (Pollença, 1997) is a visual artist based in Brussels.

Through an abstract language, Suau seeks to share the experience of entering the meditative container that painting is for her. These receptacles are not places of passage, but places to stop and stay; They are spaces marked by slowness and contemplation.

The artist’s production is based on the sensitivity of these spaces to her surroundings. They isolate, but they are not isolated. The artist’s walks mark the beginning of the process and, in this way, the work is impregnated by the outside, by the light that penetrates the room, by the sound of the tennis ball being played outside, by the lichens that grow on the rocks…

Suau’s work focuses on generating experiences of pictorial space and, simultaneously, generating experiences from space.

Alba Suau studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (Spain) and INSEAMM (France). The artist completed a Master’s in Painting at La Cambre, École Supérieure Des Arts Visuels (Belgium).

Suau exhibited individually with “Estona amb sàlvia i mantega” in Kaplan Projects, "Arròs melós" at the Museu de Mallorca, "Dentro" at Kaplan Projects and "Moi moi" at TACA Studio (Mallorca). Her works were exhibited in group exhibitions including "Tell me louder" (2022) at HISK Gosset with the support of Kanal – Center Pompidou (Brussels), "Twelve voices in Studio Weil" (Mallorca), "Marine Aspirations" at TACA Studio (Mallorca) and “Space is the place” at Atelier Hyph (Marseille).

During her career Suau was awarded with the Mallorca International Art Awards (Mallorca, 2022), the Barbara Weil Award for Women Artists of the Balearic Islands (2021, Mallorca). Suau also participated in international residences such as DNA Art Residency (Massachusetts, USA), or the Residency at Creative Center of Stöðvarfjörður (2022, 2021, Iceland).


BAR11/23, 2023

Acrylic and casein on canvas
140 x 200 cm
I'm interested

Blanco y gris, 2021

Acrílico sobre lienzo
130 x 162 cm
I'm interested

FA06/23, 2023

Acrylic and casein on canvas
60 x 70 cm
I'm interested

LA06/23, 2023

Casein and acrylic on canvas
70 x 80 cm
I'm interested