Carne Triste

Juan Carlos Batista Casal Solleric
July 2018

The title of this exhibition, Carne Triste, is also a fragment of a verse, this time from a poem by Mallarmé, Sea Breeze. These two words with tremendous connotations are the announcement of a speech that develops a vision that shows the artist’s disappointment about the criteria of men when making decisions that will affect millions of people.

This exhibition is not made based on an algorithm that chooses words, but based on ideas, memories, and images recorded in the memory of society, which the artist collects using an internalized environment; somehow these images have been ordered (or disordered) in his brain, giving rise to a subtle and scathing description of the present, related to the past, and that almost like an oracle presages the future. But the oracle, for all its theatrics, has it easy.

The future is not promising. The world is a mess, it always has been. We live in a moment in history where we have never been better, and yet the feeling of unease accompanies us. It must be the fatigue caused by living in a society in the age of information overload in which the fascination that horror causes us sells more than ever.