Samuel Almansa

Samuel Almansa (El Arenal, 1995) is a multidisciplinary artista based in Mallorca. While attending the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca, he explored multiple modes of artistic projection, such as video, installation, painting or muralism.

There, he began researching the migratory movements triggered by the Syrian war, and the media’s responses to that, themes that became the basis for his work: the degradation of reality, the general concept of degradation, and the processes by which it transforms from black to white.

Artists consider degradation to be the defining factor of everything that surrounds them and impacts their lives. In particular, he is interested in the process of information degradation, which always passes through the media filter. Information and subsequent opinion are very important in constructing a reality, which often has nothing to do with the idea itself or the truth.

The work of Samuel Almansa highlights and manifests the dichotomy between reality and how we perceive it as individuals and as a society, in an effort to question what is known and if the information we are given is reliable.

Therefore, the artist materializes degradation through painting with mainly spray, a technique that allows him to relate digital culture to the plasticity of the physical and material through the degradation of colors and aesthetics. Consequently, Samuel Almansa’s work alters the boundaries between the real and the digital, where the physical loses its tangible quality and the digital is made palpable. In the face of the subversion of painting itself, the artist exists between two realities. In degradation.


New Avantgarde XVIII, 2020

Spray y acrílico sobre lienzo.
97 x 130 cm
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Tragedy Supernova I, 2017

Spray y acrílico sobre lienzo.
89 x 116 cm
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